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The Adventures of P.I.M.P Hand Strong

Image of The Adventures of P.I.M.P Hand Strong

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In this action packed comic, you will be following the adventures of P.I.M.P Hand Strong. In this post apocalyptic future P.I.M.P.s (Power Infused Metro Police) are the new authority for upholding the law. P.I.M.P Hand Strong is a no jive talking, ladies' man, who is his own judge, jury and executioner. The earth as we know it has been separated into sectors, one more depraved than the rest. Unfortunately for P.I.M.P Hand Strong he's the appointed Law for sector 300. Capital city of Neo Atlanta (aka Crimeville City) the most corrupted of all the sectors. P.I.M.P and his deputies “The Ladies of the Night” wreck shop and keep order to the lawless streets. The “Ladies” are the remnants of a genetically engineered super race of women, who were mostly wiped out in a nuclear holocaust many years before. As punishment for their resistance, they are requisitioned to help him take on the lowlifes of Neo Atlanta. His mission is to show evil that he's always ready to get it on and that his P.I.M.P Hand is Strong!....... Written by Corley Manning and pencilled by Norv Henry.